2021 Toyota A-Bat Concept

2021 Toyota A-Bat Concept

From today’s perspective, the A-Bat seems like a distant past. This concept truck came a long time ago, in 2007. Since then, many things happened, but that doesn’t mean this concept won’t have any more influence on the automotive industry. Moreover, it looks like the Japanese manufacturer prepares a production version of this truck, which will come 13 years after the concept. According to the latest reports, the new model would come as the 2021 Toyota A-Bat Concept.

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2021 Toyota Tacoma

2021 Toyota Tacoma

Despite that the 2020-year model is coming with a nice number of updates, the 2021 Toyota Tacoma is about to come with novelties as well. The popular pickup is an absolute leader in the segment of mid-size trucks. However, the competition is getting tougher. Of course, Toyota wants to keep its leading position, so various changes are about to come. As you probably know, the upcoming model will bring a lot of novelties, starting from an updated styling, new features etc. However, it looks like the oil-burner won’t come that soon and that will be reserved for the 2021 Toyota Tacoma.

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2021 Toyota Hilux Diesel

2021 Toyota Hilux Diesel

It’s no secret that Toyota is an absolute leader when it comes to mid-size pickup trucks. While the Tacoma is the best-selling model in North America, the Hilux dominates around the world. However, the competition is getting pretty tough these days. So, we can hear some pretty interesting stories about the 2021 Toyota Hilux Diesel and its arrival to North America.

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2021 Toyota GT86

2021 Toyota GT86 rendered

Despite the rumors about discontinuation, it is now official that the 2021 Toyota GT-86 will come completely new. The Japanese carmaker prepares a complete overhaul for this small sports car and it looks like we are about to see a lot of novelties. After the recent revival of the famous Supra, it’s 86’s turn for a complete redesign.

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2021 Toyota Tundra Diesel Review

2021 Toyota Tundra Diesel Review side

It’s no secret that Toyota is preparing a lot of novelties for the next year. Still, a new diesel version is definitely the most anticipated thing about this super-reliable truck. It may be old, but still has a lot of things to offer. Therefore, the company prepares another update, which will bring not just a new engine, but also novelties in terms of design, interior features, mechanics, etc. The testing model has been spotted already and we expect to see the new version soon. Of course, styling changes will come as well, though can talk about details at the moment.

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